A Theologian In Progress

December 2, 2009

Beauty, Busted, Restored

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She was a beautiful girl.  She was given the world when she was younger.  But the older she got the more pride crept in, as she continued to grow in beauty so did her pride and ego.  She became a butterfly when she was married, flying and landing one man to the next.  Her husbands could never keep her happy with presents and praise, they didn’t appreciate her beauty enough.  Now she has become a wasp, everyone in the town avoids her.  She is the epitome of beauty, only a little bit busted at this time.

The well, away from town is the only place she can cry, it is the only place she can forget.  She goes early, but there is a man there.  This man ask, “May I have a drink?”  The woman wants to quickly avoid him and says, “Why, as a Jew, would you ask me a Samaritan.”  The man replies, “Oh, only if you knew God as I did, I could give you much greater water than this well. You would never thirst again.”  The woman replies, “Oh, I would love this water.”  It is a chance for her to avoid the others.  The man says, “Go, bring your husband and come back.”  She replies, “I am not married.”  “True, you’ve been married a lot, and living with someone else now” the man replies.

They continue to talk of theology, God and life, who are right Jew or Samaritan.  Finally she says “I know the Messiah is coming.”  The man says, “I am.”  She excitedly hurries, renewed to the city, and brings many to him; she has found the Messiah, the Savior.

One conversation, in love can restore the beauty of this world.  If we could be more like this Jesus, what could we do, who could we help, who could we save?


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