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December 2, 2009

Black Nikes

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I don’t know if many of you remember that quote or know where it is from, so let me refresh your memory.

This quote is from the early part of the movie Friday Night Lights, one of my all time favorite movies. It comes from the locker room before the first practice of the season starts in the sweltering Texas heat at Odessa Permian High School. Boobie Miles is talking to his backup and says, Water Boy you got the wrong shoes, as for me, Bobbie Miles is gonna knock em out with black nikes on his feet ain’t that right preacher.

Ivory then responds I can knock you out with flip flops.

So why am I spending time going over a quote from a movie, and a quote about shoes?

Recently at Beaverdam I have been leading a study on Ephesians, and in preparation I have reached the passage about the armor of God, in particular I found that Ephesians 6:15 in the Harper Collins, NRSV has a very interesting translation. Here is how it reads:
“As shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the
gospel of peace.”

So, in reading this it is not like the other translations that say fit your feet with the gospel of peace, instead it makes the point that the writer was trying to make. That is, preach the gospel, no matter how, it must be done. Like Bobbie Miles said he was going to play with black nikes, and Ivory said he could do it in flip flops, whatever you need to make you ready to run to others to spread the Gospel put it on.

Some practical ways you can prepare to run to spread the Gospel are prayer, and study. We need to remember that we must preach educated and not simply brow beat those who have not heard. Like our shoes give us support and help us run smoothly, cut better and hold our ankles in place, that it what study of the Word will do. It will support us, it will keep us in place, and it will help us see the holes we need to run through, the smallest opening to preach the Gospel.

Like we have heard so many times, this is a battle between those of God, and those under the oppression of the evil one and his army. We must prepare, and we must be ready to stand and fight. So no matter how, use whatever makes you able to proclaim the Gospel to all around you.

I think I might use some Under Armour’s because when they hear the click clack it’s too late, or maybe some Nike Air Zoom Flights. But know that I am getting ready, and preparing in the Word for all the openings Jesus will ask me to run through.


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